Magical Italian Lake House

The precise renovation of this unusual grand jewel on Lake Como took several years to full fill. This summer lake house with a light and aerial interior is strongly connected with the surroundings of the lake and the Italian heritage.

The Italian architectural details are restored and updated with contemporary design and exceptional furnishing. The pieces are sourced from Venetian fabric weavers, innovative lighting designers and avant-garde furniture makers.

The marble flooring with typical Venetian mosaic and the extensive fresco work on the walls and ceiling were part of the reconstruction. We want to show people what effects can be achieved and the passion these artisans put into their work. This way, the lake house comes even more alive. A design that doesn’t fit the location or building it’s in, won’t work. The airy materials and classic color tones keep up the high elegance and Italian heritage at Lago di Como.

Dit is een project van Ethnic Chic. Kijk voor meer op de profielpagina.